Epson 3880 new does print way too dark

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Re: Epson 3880 new does print way too dark

winterkoning wrote:

Well, I found the solution. It is not the printer and it is not my monitor.

The problem was that if you print through photoshop and you want the printer to decide on the colors, you have to select colormatching in the printerdriver, and choose epson color control.

After that you need to go to printer settings and choose espon standard with the color settings.

I called epson as I got quite upset and they were able to help me. This is actually not very well mentioned in the manual which I only have online and I had to scroll up and down to understand how this works. But ok, I found it.

Now I wonder what is best. I read that some people believe that I should have photoshop decide on the colors, others say I should have epson decide on the colors.

Anybody has experience with what is best ?

In any case, the pictures are very nice, they are just a tiny bit darker than I see on my screen and I believe that that is due to the calibration of my MAC. I know mac's tend to be quite bright.

I can adjust the prints and make them some brighter if I want to.

Thanks everybody ( especially my patient brother who also received some emails from his sister that were written in an agitated state of mind...) for all your help and advice !


Your last paragraph:  After all, that is what Brothers are especially good for.  With only ONE Sister and 6 Brothers, -- years ago; that is what all of we Brothers decided -- [Grin].....
Glad you can now enjoy your 3880 printer.

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