Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: SOLUTION... My on camera flash photos look just fine

Dude,  common etiquette is that if someone wants an opinion - they ask for it, and when one is given, its not insulting and meaningless like yours.   Just what exactly were you thinking you were going to get with a troll-like reply like the one you gave ?   A thank you ?    
Here is the definition of the word troll as it pertains to forums - and I quote:

"Troll :  one who posts with the sole intent to bring out emotional and / or heated responses to otherwise civil discussions"

You were out of line with your post,  and like the travel guy who started this entire diatribe by  posting  his "superior" speedlight images and more or less throwing insults at me  with his holier than thou put down of my original post and apparent superior knowledge of light .. LOL    
Oh well, whatever..  maybe you two can get together and commiserate, you are like two peas in a pod.


The  image I put up that you think I took with an "iPhone"  or Rebel with a kit lens appeared  in a national bridal magazine,   I don't know why it looks flat and crappy on this forum -  it probably has something to do with the way dpreview compresses files.   Our images are stored in 16 bit Prophoto RGB format ,  I have no idea what they do when they  convert / compress them -   but I can assure you it looks good on our computer and the clients were very happy with it.

Instead of being a douchebag and insulting people, how about sticking to the topic and offering critiques when they are asked for ?      I won't disagree with you that the photo looks flat, but  you'll get a lot more respect if you are constructive with your comments.  
Is that really too much to ask ?

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