Would you sell your 70-200 f2.8 VRI for the 70-200 f4 VRIII?

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Re: People are nuts.

wasserball wrote:

exactly what I said. The little advantage you claim, smaller, lighter, more useful. Those will not make you a better photographer. So, to you if Nikon comes out with a 2nd edition that is lighter than the first you will buy it? The reason the current lens f2.8 lens is heavier is because it is a f2.8, more glass, therefore, heavier. If you tell me you don't need the f2.8 I can accept that. But to trade it for the f4 is total nonsense.

Where did I say the reason I want to get a smaller, lighter lens = is to become a better photographer?  Once again, please stop making things up and trying to internet troll. It's pretty transparent.

And if it makes you happy, yes, I don't need the f2.8.  Are you satisfied?

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