New to the world of NEX...

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New to the world of NEX...

...and decent cameras in general!

Hi all - first off a thank you as I've been lurking for a good minute and your advice has led me to buy an NEX 5N and learn a load about photography!

I picked up my 5N about 3 months ago after deciding I wanted to 'get into' photography (whatever that means), and haven't regretted a moment! Coming from a P&S/iPhone photography background - if you can call it that - I'm taken aback by the world that the 5N has opened to me. I grabbed mine with the kit and 16mm, and have since added the Sigma 30mm to my collection, which is a great little lens. I'd like to think that I'm doing alright for a beginner, but I'd really appreciate some C&C on a few photos that I've taken.

I'd say these are some of my strongest examples. I obviously want to improve, so I figure that putting out photos that I'm relatively pleased with for your consideration can only be a good thing.

All were shot in RAW, and I've done some PP in Lightroom. Bear in mind that my approach to Lightroom is 'move sliders until what I've got is roughly how I want the photo to look', so if I'm overcooking it or what have you then let me know.

Thanks in advance

Spinalonga Island, Crete

Bodiam Castle, England

Richmond Lock, England

Obligatory dog photo. Not my dog.

Obligatory plant photo. Probably a bit overdone on the PP, but I quite like it

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