Setting Sony RX100 back to original settings

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Re: Setting Sony RX100 back to original settings

mike779 wrote:

Jrs22 wrote:

I was about to post the same answer when I got a phone call - but I only new the answer because I looked up 'default' in my Gary Friedman kindle book!!

why i could see so much people indirectly or directly advertising the gary and white book. i want one.. lol.

I don't think of it as advertising but sharing what has turned out to be a useful tool for me.  I never bought a book about a camera before and when I owned a Canon S90 I never used it to it's full potential.  I think the only adjustment I ever made to the Canon was to turn off the flash.  I had to post a question here when my son had difficulty using the camera in Thailand because of the bright sun!  I'd like to be more independent with this camera - hence the purchase of the book and a note about my finding it useful.

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