Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: agree w/ others... Op is out of sync... (out of touch)

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sixgun wrote:

Oh man that sounds brutal.... my worst day was shooting furniture inside a furnace of a warehouse in mid summer, it was like a giant convection oven. The agency hired me but didn't tell me I'd be working in 110+... I feel for you man, at least I was able to wear shorts, I could not imagine trying to shoot a wedding and wear professional clothes or maintain a dress code in that kind of heat.
I drank 6 bottles of water in 3 hours.. never hit the head once... LOL

In my shoot, we used 6 Einsteins, they never missed a heartbeat... we did shut the modeling lights off though. I am surprised it all kept working actually, it was ridiculous.

We did three in a row last month, fortunately outdoors, where the temps were, in progression, 107, 101 and 97...97F seemed positively delightful after the first two days!

I'm thinking about switching to Einsteins or something else from Paul C. Buff. I've heard nothing but good things about those products. The Travelites we use can be a tad unreliable.

We love the Einsteins, they have exceptional control, integrate well with Pocketwizards, and are stunningly reliable. I will put them up against Profoto or Elinchrom for quality of light and reliability any day. I will say the German brands are definitely built more like fine instruments though - Einteins have plastic square housings and probably would not survive a drop - but the Euro stuff is not worth the 4x price tag IMO. We've only had one issue in two years, and quick call to Buff had a fix to us in a few days - at no charge. No complaints there!

We use the Einstein 640 + Vanguard Lithium packs and they make an amazingly good remote porty setup... for under $1K we can put them just about anywhere. The shot below we used a short light stand in the dead center of the aisle (in the grass) - we triggered it with a Pocket Wizard PC-1 installed right in the strobe. There was a small reflector on the strobe which spread the light out to overcome the brutal front light on the wedding party.

We photoshopped out the light / stand - but you can see the somewhat impossible front light was tamed and produced a usable shot with a nice glow. This photo has exaggerated contrast to overcome the compression algorithm used to process uploads on this forum - for some reason our photos flatten out when they get uploaded probably because we use 16 bit ProfotoRGB The printed photo looks very nice and much more natural...

We do journalistic weddings, not storybook - so there are some on this forum that will probably say our photos suck if they are storybook shooters - we've have had more than a few of our images published in national mags so someone must like them..

We're not afraid to go into situations that are less than ideal and our clients love us for it. I even shot a wedding on the side of a mountain once - while the couple was dangling from ropes 300 feet off the ground .. (they are hard core climbers).. We often go where no one else wants to.. and shoot in bad light.. its all good and it pays well! LOL

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