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A complete, affordable "DX" system

To be honest I have been thinking of switching systems.

I have looked at used Canon 5d's and the Nikon d600.  Not so much for full frame although that is a positive but because of lens selection ( and a larger viewfinder).

If I were to spend K-5ii money I would probably spend the "extra" money and go full frame.

But the Pentax K-30 has made me re-evaluate what I have, what I want and what I can realistically afford.

I have a 16-45mm f/4 and a couple of old manual focus primes (50mm f/1.7, 28mm f/3.5).

What I want is a decent telephoto zoom and things like Nikon/Canon 70-200's are way too expensive and more than I want to carry around.  The Pentax 50-135mm would seem to fit the bill although I have not used one.

I also like to use primes which the big two (Canon, Nikon) have seemed to forgot how to make, at least for the APS-C.

The DPReview suggests that a Pentax K-30 preforms as well or better than anything else in its class (sans video).  I don't care about video at all.  So for the price of a well used Canon 5d I can have a top preforming APS-C sensor and a highly spec'd body.  But just a importantly have a lens selection that is reasonably affordable  and well thought out.

Kudos Pentax

and thank you DPReview for not "totally" ignoring usĀ 

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