XPro-1: my first wedding shoot.

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Re: XPro-1: my first wedding shoot.


Some useful feedback, but I suspect the sharpness issue is a result of compression more than anything else, as they look fine at 100% on a 27 inch monitor. Likewise the colour looks fine on my screens too, though all the images need a little more work before being client ready. I posted them mostly show the context of the day, and because it seemed a little odd to post such a wordy thread without supporting pictures.

As I said, overall I was pretty happy with the camera and would probably use it again for second shooting a wedding, especially if I had more room to move. When we scouted the location we were given the impression that the setup was going to be different to what it was, but hey, that happens from time to time. As you say, you can shoot a wedding with almost any camera, provided you know the gear well enough.

Our clients seem to prefer the mix of traditional, posed portraits and reportage style images, and for the latter the Fuji does a great job when it can get it's focus sorted. It really is unobtrusive, which means it doesn't catch people's attention the way a DSLR does, resulting in more natural looking shots. I have about 400 of those from this gig alone, and feel I was able to capture them more easily than I could have with my Canon rig.

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