nikon 55-200 vr is this the lens for me ? ,

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Re: nikon 55-200 vr is this the lens for me ? ,

Sports action photography requires great tools and great technique. While the 55-200 is a great value for getting sharp images in good light, it's not a sports lens. It's not bright enough or fast enough to be effective.

However, you do have the 70-200 which is an excellent action lens and will work well with the solid AF of the D7k. So, you have the tools.

The remaining 70% of sports photography is technique and some settings.

There is too much to cover here. However, take a look at for some tips on camera settings. This is not exactly what I use but it's a good start. Also, check out the sports action forum at If you want to get better, there are lots of sports shooters there that can help with technique and can critique your shots. Some of them can be a bit crusty but they are often helpful as well

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