How many of you here are waiting for the 6D?

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Re: How many of you here are waiting for the 6D?

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My issue with low light performance is not really about low light. My usual mode of operation is hand holding a 400mm telephoto. Without a tripod I need a fast shutter speed. That usually translates into high ISO settings. With lower noise, I can use higher ISO settings without high noise.

But if you go for the 6D, your 400 mm lens will "become" a 250 mm lens (effectively). What will wifey say when you inform her that you also 'need' a 600 mm lens to go with the expensive new camera?

Instead of letting the sensor crop for you, you can always crop in software to match the 1.6x of the cropped sensor. Now you're back to 400mm.

Sure you're throwing away pixels by doing this, but you're going from a 18 MP sensor to a 20 MP sensor, so that will offset it somewhat. If you're coming from one of the older 12 MP or 15 MP Rebels, then you can crop and still gain pixels.

The last time that I saw the reduction calculated, I believe that the resulting image was 8 MP. That is a far cry from the 18 MP of most crop cameras today!

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Agreed. The 6D sensor has a pixel density of roughly 23,000 pixels per square millimetre (20.2Mpx on 36mm x 24mm) whereas the 650D has a pixel density of 55,000 pixels per square millimetre (18Mpx on 22.3mm x 14.9mm).

If you take a 22.3mm x 14.9mm area of the 6D sensor you get get roughly 7.7Mpx or slightly less than my seven year old 350D.


You are, of course, right.  In my head I was thinking 1.6x focal length multiplier would translate to needing 60% more pixels to compensate.  This is very obviously flawed thinking.  Move along, nothing to see here.

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