X-Rite i1Pro with RGB printer licence still worth buying?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: So....

Yes & no.  The i1Match software that comes bundled with the i1Pro is capable of building ICC profiles (using the supplied targets).  I use ProfileMaker Pro because of the additional capabilities, primarily the ability to change illuminant.  Some of the profiles I create are for a manufacturer of printers used in a business environment where fluorescent lighting is the "normal" illuminant.  For these printers, I both calibrate the printer (creating the density aims) and profile the printer using F2 as the viewing illuminant rather than D50.  If the OP expects to build "standard" profiles, the bundled i1Match software may be sufficient.  If he wants/needs something with more capability, he can either try Argyll CMS or purchase additional software (i1 Publish, etc.).

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