And the 5D3 price is COMING DOWN!

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 4,012
I'd rather see the "niggles get fixed

canon person wrote:

$2,994 at B&H. This could be the start of something good.

Canon Person

Holding off on upgrading to see if some of my concerns get addressed. Don't get me wrong, its a great camera, but based on what is being accomplished "elsewhere" It'd be nice if canon could step up its game a little:

- better visibility for selected focus point (discussed at length here in the recent past)

- lower shadow noise/less shadow banding (yes I always........well most of the time, depending on the scene, expose to the right).

Even if the price goes below $2500 I still might jump ship, depending on what tuther camp ends up doing about their "niggles".

Happy shooting.  Power is about to go out here (souther Maine) so gotta sign off.


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