Grip or 40MM Pancake Lens

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Questions thread
mikdes26 Regular Member • Posts: 107
Re: I would choose grip, and this is why...

I have what's known as "essential tremor" that makes it difficult to always hold my hands steady.  I bought the Canon grip for the 60d to help, and it has worked, especially when taking portrait-oriented photos.  The extra shutter release button helps so much.  I don't have to wrench my right hand awkwardly (for me) to take those shots.  I can just turn the camera 90 degrees and shoot with my hands in a more natural position.  I always have the grip on, even if I only have one battery in it.

The 40mm pancake is a slick little lens.  I just bought it for my son's 20d that I gave him for his 14th birthday (hand-me-down).  I think it's too close to the 50mm, though, and the 50mm is 1.8.  I considered the 40mm for me, too, but went with the 85mm 1.8 as I didn't have anything that fast at 85mm (for my daughter's basketball games).  Again, the 40mm is too close to my 50mm in focal length, so I'm passing on it...for now. 

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