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Re: My pano setup

Jonas B wrote:

Rick_Hunter wrote:

For those who asked:

Grip is a Really Right Stuff grip with L-bracket.

Head is a Really Right Stuff BH-25 ultra-light ballhead.

Panning base is a Sunwayfoto DDH-03

Nodal rail is a Sunwayfoto DMP-100

Since taking the picture I've actually modified the setup by fitting the panning base directly onto the ballhead's stem, this has allowed me to save 80 grams in weight.

The components have been chosen in order to minimize bulk and weight whilst still providing a serious, dependable single-row panorama setup. The setup is now fitted to a sirui T-025 carbon fiber tripod. Dead weight (tripod legs + ballhead with panning base) is 836 grams. Add another 120 grams for the nodal rail, and we're still well under a kilo for a full fledged tripod/head/panorama setup that's only 12 inches/30 cm long when folded. Not bad at all, I'd say.

Thank you Rick.

That's a nice setup and it should be of interest for anyone into hiking.

I just now put my legs with head and pano-head mounted on the scale and got a whopping 2.420 grams. It's more full fledged than your setup as multi-row or spherical panos are possible but the size and weight can't compete.

Is it the single row only technique causing me to miss the bottom part of your image #3 (your first post), or is it due to the location and/or scenery?

...and again... what's up with the forum? It's necessary to check the "original size" if one wants to see the image as the photographer wanted it to be seen. Judging others by myself I guess that happens only occasionally. It isn't fun posting images at a place which treatens the image as badly as DPR.



I'd say it's both, but more due to the location and scenery than to the single row setup.

I agree with you: checking the original size is fundamental on these forums. Don't know what's wrong with the preview of images... But something's wrong for sure.

As for weight and size: I'm a pro photog shooting full frame nikon DSLR's for a living. But I really can't bear anymore the weight and bulk of those cameras and lenses when hiking, traveling, shooting for my own pleasure, etc. But I also recently used my OMD and 3 primes (12/20/45) for paid jobs and I haven't been disappointed, nor my clients have been.

Micro four thirds for me is all about size and weight. And quality too. That's why I got 3 primes (12/20/45) to have the best quality in a small and light package, and that's the reason why I made my tripod/pano setup so light and so compact, because in doing so, I'm willing to take it always with me. The best equipment is the one you have with you. Can't agree more with this old tale.

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