ZS15(TZ25) screen vs. ZS20(TZ30) screen

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ZS15(TZ25) screen vs. ZS20(TZ30) screen

Hi all, I've just registered to the forum 

I'm from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil and I'm looking for a compact camera that allows me to practice my (almost forgotten) photographic skills. Some decades ago, I had a Olympus OM-1, a hell of a good SLR. Unfortunately, I eventually had to sell it, due to financial problems 

I've had a number of compact cameras in the last 5 years and never have been totally satisfied with any of them. I've extensively read most of the reviews for this year's new cameras, ranging from ultra zoom compacts to premium compacts w/ larger sensors. I think I've made my mind and I'll go for an ultra zoom compact (or travel zoom cameras). I do like cameras w/ bigger sensors like the LX7, but I don't like their size and weight. Most of the photos I take are travel photos, some (a few) are from family parties.

That said, it seems to me that I'll go for either the ZS15 or the ZS20. Both have very interesting lenses and it seems to me that the IQ difference between them is not as bad as it seemed before the firsts real world photos were posted here. I do realize that the ZS15 technically has to make slightly better photos then the ZS20.

As for the GPS advantage of the ZS20, I really don't care much. It's a nice and useful feature for travellers. But my smartphone has GPs an a decent camera and I normally use the phone's photos to geo tag the camera's photos. Besides, we all know that GPS is a battery drainer...

As for the ZS20 touch screen, I do realize it has some advantages, besides the obvious feature of slipping the finger over it to review the photos. I find particular interesting two features: touch to focus and touch to record a photo.

But then again, maybe the ZS15 photos are slightly better...

I've read all the threads about both models, ZS15 and ZS20, here in DPReview forums and I've read quite a number of comparisons between them. But I've never read anything about the quality of their screens. Since the ZS20 has a touch screen and the Z15 has not, it seems to me that maybe their LCDs quality isn't he same.

Also, there's the price difference. None of these models are available yet in Brazil. Next December, I'm going on two weeks vacation trip to Lisbon, Portugal, and I intend to buy my new camera over there. In Portugal, the ZS15 costs 269 Euros while the ZS20 costs 349 Euros. That's a 80 Euros difference (about US$ 103). I'm not sure if the ZS20 is worth that difference...

I'd really appreciate if any user who has played with both models could put some words here...

P.S.: pardon my English, it's not my native tongue and I'm kind of rusted in that matter 

Best regards,


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