Obama Lawsuits - Birth Certificate - A Question of Normality

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Re: Racism..

Actually, what is disgusting is that you wasted all those electrons to avoid answering the questions.

Shorter would have been for you to say "I will not answer this logical question."

Again, for those with a minimum double digit IQ. Produce it once, run off some attested copies, and avoid spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight having to produce it in lawsuits.

It's a simple question. And only simpletons, and democrats, avoid understanding that.

Again, with feeling. Why spend a lot of money, whether it's a few hundred thousand dollars, close to million dollars (according to other websites), or a $2 million strawman from politifacts, which they knock down by asserting that proponents of $2 million cannot prove that every cent of the legal costs was for defending birther lawsuits.

harry cannoli wrote:

Corpy2 wrote:

You've seen all sorts of trolling before, but I am genuinely looking for someone that can give me one logical answer to the following question. I request, and require, only that the answer not offend my average intelligence, and if it does, I will accept it as a possible explanation.

Is that fair?

My question is as follows: Given that Obama finally *did*, apparently, produce what is being alleged to be a real long form birth certificate, let us for the purpose of this discussion assume it to be real.

If it is real, and if it could have been produced months or years before, why did Obama spend close to $1,000,000 of his and taxpayer money in lawsuits in which it was relevant, to avoid having to produce it?

Is this how you would spend that money?

Somehow, I never get an answer to that question. Can anyone answer it before this thread devolves to attacks on Romney and/or Obama?

You want honesty? Here's honesty.

The tactics used against Obama are disturbing. As much as the GOP hated Kerry and Gore, they never insinuated that either of those guys weren't citizens.

Not so with Obama. The undertones of these accusations reek of racism. "Obama isn't one of us". We have never heard that until an African-American was elected president. He's not "one of us".

Obama is not required to produce documentation to you and I. Obama produced documentation in compliance with the law. If there was truly a problem, the problem would have been found. Personally, I was disappointed that Obama showed us all his birth certificate. Why should he? These people hate him in the worse possible way. Similar questions were asked about Obama's educational credentials. That is also something unprecedented.

That, my friend, is disgusting.

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