LOTS (!!) Of Minolta Lenses On eBay

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Re: LOTS (!!) Of Minolta Lenses On eBay

EarthQuake wrote:

Stflbn wrote:

6 reflex lenses constitutes a 'glut?'

I've personally found there to be consistently a good selection of Minolta lenses, but I feel the price of most of the better known ones are a variance of 'inflated' to 'grossly inflated'.

Selling used lenses is a free market economy, the value of any lens is simply what the market will bear. I sell lenses on eBay at prices that you would probably think are inflated, but here is the thing, an item's value isn't defined by the cheapest price you can luck out and find at a garage sale, its the average price the consumer is willing to pay.

There is also a huge variance when it comes to the condition of the actual items, and the terms of the sale/seller's polices. If you want to risk and bid on a lot of lenses listed by someone who says "These were my grandpa's and I don't know if they work" you can get a great deal, or a pile of junk, but you'll certainly pay less than a buy it now listing from a legitimate seller who has a proper return policy.

You also need to consider the currently available options for some lenses, like the 35/2.0, 135/2.8, etc these lenses simply do not have a modern counterpart, so they sell for way, way more than they did 10 years ago. If Sony came out with a modern design of these lenses and sold them for around what they currently sell for, the maxxum lens prices would plummet.

I completely understand free market economy. I personally feel 'hype' around many of these older 'lesser' minolta lenses unrealistically drive the price vs quality. However, I also feel the true proven quality lenses like the ones you mentioned 135 2.8 etc ARE worth the price for a top quality version.

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