No 1080P on OMD?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
PenFan2011 Regular Member • Posts: 172
Re: No 1080P on OMD?

What some don't realize is for the most part thought video IS recorded progressively, the actual video 'stream' recorded is interlaced.  From what I understand of it all, only a few pro-sumer cameras ($2000+ pro-sumer camcorders, not DSLRs) are recording in the true AVCHD progressive format.  I'm not going to back up that statement with anything other than the Wikipedia entry on the subject: . I'm not lazy, but debating this kind of thing makes my brain hurt.   And this is all just technical junk.  The real question is what does the actual video look like, how bad is the rolling shutter effect, etc.   Lest we forget, there are plenty of products out there that claim 1080p video, but it does not necessarily look good.  My opinion is look at the actual video the different cameras produce before forming a final opinion.  1080p and quality are not always synonymous.

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