Cathedral photography?

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
SeeRoy Senior Member • Posts: 1,666
VR panoramas

Uncropped equirectangular view

Well, maybe this is a slightly biased opinion but I think VR panoramas work incredibly well when shooting church interiors. I've also found that printing them up as equirectangular images gets very positive responses from people, particularly if you crop a little off the top and bottom.

Assuming that you're using M4/3 the Samyang fisheye lens is good value (actually a brilliant lens) for this purpose although you'll also need a dedicated pano head and a remote release. I've shot these panos using Nikon DX and FX gear and the Samyang plus OMD acquit themselves extremely well by comparison. Shooting off a tripod with a remote means that you can use long exposures, small apertures (about F7 with M4/3) and low ISO settings.

Of course you'll need stitching software too... And some practice...


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