1500-1700$ Photo editing / architecture PC

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Re: 1500-1700$ Photo editing / architecture PC

bhD7000 wrote:

I use to run RAID 1 but decided to move to a different solution. I took one of the drives out of RAID and use a tool (BeyondCompare) to automatically backup HD1 to HD2 every night. I also backup to a USB.

Why the change from RAID?

  • If the RAID controller goes down, both drives are gone
  • If I make a mistake, delete something, the change is not written immediately to HD2 so I can easily get the prior day version
  • If data gets corrupted or power goes down HD2 is not affected as it is only backed up at 11:00pm
  • All data is on both drives, worst case if HD1 goes down is whatever I did during the day
  • HD2 is just another drive so it can be accessed easily
  • fyi, Beyond Compare compares files differences between HD1 and HD2 and copies/merges these changes automatically so I am covered in case I forget to do a backup

I am thinking about combining both solutions (raid1 + scheduled backup).

For my usage, and for my needs, I know that I am mostly exposed to drive failures. If I delete something by accident, I know how to get it back before I overwrite the cells on the disk. Corruption, virus, theft and fire risks are still there, but it's a minor risk.

So here is my solution:

1) Regular backups (every 24h) to external HDD A stored in the next room.

2) Regular backups (every 7days) to external HDD B stored off site.

3) Raid1 HDD inside system (for data, not OS).

Numbers 1 + 2 are backups against viruses, corruption, manipulation errors, fire, theft, earthquake, etc.

Number 3 is to avoid losing up to 23 hours of work in case of hardware failure.

Again, that's after analyzing what happened to my data in the last couple of years: 2 hdd failures. No corruption, no theft, no other natural disasters; those are rare, and in that case, a 1 week backup will be more than enough. I just can't stand losing even a couple of hours of work because of hard disk failures.

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