Can Someone Explain Differences Between X-E1 and X100, Both Technical And IQ

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Re: Why not suitable for a beginner?

Joe Pineapples wrote:

HighLowISO wrote:

Why do I get the feeling he didn't understand a word you said?

To the original poster; neither of these cameras are really suitable for a beginner, unless they are maybe going to start film school. [snip]

A Hasselblad 500C, now that's not a good choice for a beginner, as you probably won't be able to operate the shutter release first time out; or a Leica IIIc, that's a tough one to start with as you'll struggle to load film into it at first. But saying any modern digital camera isn't suitable for a beginner - come on! Browse the "Getting Started" section of the manual, and you'll be taking reasonably exposed, in-focus shots in a matter of minutes. In the XE-1 manual there's a section called Basic Photography and Playback. Even the Nikon D600 manual starts with a section called “Point-and-Shoot” Photography. Modern digital cameras are unbelievably easy to get started with for beginners.


The only thing I would point out is that the OVF/Parallax/CDAF combination can lead to some confusion for people who aren't willing to take the time to figure it out or understand it...

Given the specific case of the OVF I would say that the X100/X-Pro cameras do have a learning curve just like rangefinders do to SLRs.  Its not something that insurmountable to a beginner just something else that has to be learned.

The EX-1 doesn't have this issue of course...

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