I want an L lens and can afford either the 70-300 or the 100-400. Which one?

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Re: The thing that bothers me!

clager wrote:

Im in the same boat, a few threads up, also asking lots about the 100-400. The thing that slightly worries me are all these reports of bad/good copy and reports of sucking in dust like mad. From experience I know these issues can be rather expensive.

I think the biggest problem is it is a very popular lens and one that Canon are still selling bucket loads of. It has been around for quite a while as a result but with Canon still selling them in big numbers (according to my local shop) I am not sure if they would be in a big hurry to replace it. I know quite a number of photographers who are more than happy with the 100-400.

With them being so popular especially among sports photographers there will be lots of reports of problems which often get exagerated by the good old internet. Many of the image quality problems are simply from people not understanding their lens. For example I know a chap who uses one for windsurfing photography. He was always complaining of a soft image. I was shooting on the beach down on Camber sands with him recently and noticed he was handholding his lens. When we were looking at each others shots later on we discovered he was using far too low a shutter speed on his 7D. With the high resolution of this camera I have found it best to go up a couple of notches more than normal on the speed front. Since then he has be more than happy sending me loads of his shots and I have really been enjoying them. He really has a better eye than me for a good shot.

As for sucking in dust I can honestly say mine has no more inside than any other zoom I have ever used,Obviously a prime lens can be sealed but a zoom cannot though some designs require less air to be moved around than others. Most of my shots are taken on windy beaches as I am windsurfing obsessed. Places like El Medano in the Canary Islands are well known for destroying camera kit as the volcanic sand is very fine. Most photographers who work there will bag all their kit to protect it from the dust it really is that bad. One chap killed his new Nikon in 3 weeks. When I first went I did not have the luxury as I didn't think about it. I stood in swirling sand for a couple of hours each day when I was too knackered to sail anymore. My 100-400 was fine but my old 28-105 was in a sorry state. Anecdotal evidence I know but if you have a good Canon dealer that you trust then you should rely on their comments far more than anything you read on here.

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