The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: A fine paint brush fix

VicC wrote:

Matt black and artist fine brush, one minute job and no bouncing camera backwards and forward in post to Nikon. Vic

Sure, but the day you are going to sell the camera the buyer might complain... (I know I would). Also, if the paint contains any chemicals which might dissolve other paint or cause other damage you are worse off because basically you are just throwing the warranty out the window as soon as you start painting your camera. That goes even if the paint is not causing any problem at all, if you mess around in the camera and you leave visible trace of your work I am sure Nikon will not service your camera if you have problem with it later. No, all in all, I think it is a very bad idea to propose a DIY fix on a camera under warranty, unless your life depends on the camera and you can't live without it, best is to send it in for service.

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