Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

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Re: Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

I rented the Nikkor 24-70 for a few days, and wanted to buy it - but was eventually convinced by the shopowner to go for the Tamron (I actually had to wait about 6 weeks for it to arrive).

Honestly, I don't think the Nikkor has any tangible advantages of the Tamron.  I don't notice color differences, and the infamous 'onion bokeh', while there, is only there if you really really look for it.  It's not anything I noticed in any of my pics unless I went out of my way to look for it.

The Tamron may feel huge, but it's actually shorter and lighter than the Nikkor (but has a larger front element).

The Tamron is much better than the Sigma - it has amazing VR (or VC), it focuses much more quickly and has better image quality - which is on par with the Nikkor, if not better.

BTW - my *only* reason for going for the Tamron was lens quality/features.  Price was secondary to me, considering I'm planning to use this lens for years and years to come.  I'm also guessing the store owner (one of the bigger stores in Israel) probably made less on me, and also took the risk I'll go someplace else since he gave up on an immediate $2K sale and traded it for a future $1.3K sale;  To me that means he truly thinks I'd be better off with it.

If you want to see a great in-depth review of all avail 24-70 options, set aside an hour or so and watch:


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