Tablet Consensus : OS, Res. Pen, Software ?

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I'll wait and see

I'm hope that Windows 8 Pro with the new Intel I-7 processor in a tablet or ultra book will have a decent battery life. I would rather have a single machine then two.

If I then felt the need for a tablet window 8 RT 7" ARM processor for its screen size, portability, battery life and low cost. Unless the Intel Atom has good battery life I would op for it. To have more compatibility and device support. All tablets will have USB and windows 8 pro will support more devices then Windows RT.

I love my iPod 4 for its so portable and has a 3:2 screen aspect ratio which matches my camera's. It has a good dpi resolution but would be better if it were a 4"x 6" screen. Apple's IOS is very stable and easy to use but other than that its nothing to rave about. Apple uses non standard cables and product support length is not a good as it should be.

Google Android OS keeps changing and is getting better but is nowhere near as stable as IOS. Much of windows 8 is build off of Windows 7 which is the most stable release of windows I have ever used. Still windows 8 is new and I'm in no rush to go out and adopt it.

I would wait to the second half of 2013 to see how thing have reviewed.

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