SX240/260HS - lens scratches caused by the protection curtain?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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mjdundee Contributing Member • Posts: 808
SX240/260HS - lens scratches caused by the protection curtain?

I always take extreme care of all lenes and never even touch the front element.

Now this is the story - I got a new SX260HS from Amazon in July 2012 and it delivers brilliant results for a P&S.

I am really happy with it and it comes out of his Grupler Neopren softcase only when I take photographs with it.

If there is dust on the front lens - I blow it away.

Well despite of all care - about two weeks ago I discovered one 2mm scratch on the lens left of the center. No chance to blow it away - it clearly looks like a scratch - and it is a scratch. I thought 's... happens' and couldn't discover any problems visible in my shots.

Unfortunatelly the scratch seems getting deeper each tiem I look at it and today I even discovered three more scratches down and right from the center. They are smaller but definitelly scratches. All four scratches run vertical and in the meantime the big, first one produces a visible stain on some shots.

There is no other reasonable explanation for this and I thought if someone else suffers the same problem then maybe a production failure of the blinds that Canon uses to protect the lens and which move bottom to top and reverse coud cause the damage.

Any opinon and/or recommandation from other users of the a.m. or other Canon models are highly appreciated.

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