Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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35-100 and 70-200

The 35-100 was my work horse portrait lense for 2-3 years. It performed excellently on my E-3 and was worth every penny I paid for it

I do believe 4/3 excels in both edge/corner sharpness and vignetting as well, and the 35-100 is a great example of this. Edge performance is excellent and much better than my 70-200mkI for Nikon. But in reality it just doesn't matter that much, especially for portrait photography, what these lenses were designed for.

Optically speaking, the 35-100 (quite an old design) competes nicely even with Nikon's newer 70-200mkII. Sharpness is top notch and edge/corner performance is excellent too. Quite a feat for an older lense.

I think if you want to tout the sharpness performance of the 35-100 you have every right to do so, but remember lense sharpness is just one factor for overall image detail/resolution, which for many people is more important or more relevant, not to mention overall system performance.


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