Tripod recommendations for NEX-7

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Re: Best to get an affordable tripod with three legs!

I agree that a tripod shouldn't be too expensive, for someone's first tripod it doesn't need to be carbon fiber one. Aluminum is more than fine.

But you dont what something flimsily, because if you ever change your mind about mirroless and go DSLR, you dont need a new tripod altogether. It seems you want a small tripod for travel, if that is the case may I suggest the Benro Travel Angel series, they go between US$150 to 200. Some have the ability to become Monopods as well, those are a bit more expensive but are a two in one solution. Those are fairly light and very portable when folded, around 15inches or 40cm.

Your Manfrotto legs with a Giotto head seems the better choice of the ones you listed. Pros suggest that the head and legs be bought separetly becuase maybe you outgrow the head and its easier to sell, if you later need lighter legs you just replace them with Carbon Fiber ones, and so on. Plus not all manufactures are great at everything, so you can have missed matched head and legs.

Another option if you are doing outdoor excursions, hikes, etc. the Induro legs come with spikes, have weather proof leg locks and are very long lasting. Another thing to consider are the way you prefer leg locks, not all are made the same and its up to personal preference.

Another main factor that most people dont consider is the height, look at height with the center column retracted because the higher it goes the more stability you loose (Your center of gravity is determined by the center column). Your eye level height minus your camera's height is the preferable extended lenght of your tripod. So for my example Im about 1.70m eye level, my camera is about 15cm tall, that means I need a tripod in a range of 145 to 155cm long.

Hope this helps.

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