To our East Coast friends...

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Nicholas Bell
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Hunkered Down

Thanks, Yuki.

Got the 8 Kw generator ready to go, bathtubs full of water, water filteration and stove from camping out, flashlights and batteries etc. Fully expect to lose power here in suburban Philadelphia because of falling trees in the high wind. Landfall expected this evening with the eye traveling just south of us maintaing 75+ mph winds - going to be a long night. Worse than Irene, although hopefully without the tornadoes this time. Key is maintaining power to the sump pumps (2 of them) otherwise the basement will flood about 3 feet with this amount of rain. (not in a flood plain - this ground water wet basement is typical in this area)

Winds only 35-40 mph so far - the trees still full of leaves are howling. I known when the wind hits 50 because the house starts "rumbling"   Lots of heavy rain in bands.

The New Jersey shore where I took the seagull photos I posted earlier this year is taking a real pounding already (Atlantic City and Cape May are already flooding) and it is likely my in-laws shore house will take some water. They are saying this is going to be worse than 1962 where the ocean overtopped the barrier island and met the bay, cutting Long Beach Island in two at Harvey Cedars. My wife remembers as a kid seeing just open sand for miles instead of congested housing.

Nothing interesting to photograph from here, and frankly I hope it stays that way!


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