Good News or Bad (Article on Sony/Nex by Thom Hogan on )

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Re: Good News or Bad (Article on Sony/Nex by Thom Hogan on )

I think Sony will keep its DSLT offer as long as it gets around 10% market share which I think is the case now. They have to stick to that because as long as EVF technology is getting better, high end camera (A99 category) will get serious interest from pro photographers (providing that lens offer keep along). Pro's adoption is important for a brand's image and definitely helps to sell more consumer bodies. On the other hand, I don't think there will be a pro market for mirrorless, compact cameras because lenses for FF (or even pro lenses for aps-c) won't be smaller than what we have now. Reduced flange distance simply isn't enough to manufacture compact and fast zooms. It's either Leica's way: all manual primes but compact, or all technological goodies (silent AF, IS...) at the cost of size. Just look at m43 offer: it's 40% less surface compared to APS-C, yet cameras and lenses are almost the same size (if not bigger) than NEX. Sony secured a good share in MIL cameras and seriously need to keep the early adopters by improving lens quality (even with a size increase, a trade-off that experts will accept) and by alluring new customers with really compact lenses like the new 16-50mm PZ. This what Nikon and Canon are doing with their DSLR: attract new customers by relatively low entry prices to their systems, then keep dragging them higher.

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