Which f2.8 70/80-200?

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Re: Which f2.8 70/80-200?

The Nikon 7-200 VR1 vignettes terribly on an FX body. You specifically mentioned DX, but it MAY be an issue down the line. The VRII apparently does not, I haven't tried that yet.

The twin ring 80-200 AF ED is still in production. I don't know a Nikon shooting Motorsport Pro that does not have one. Tough as old boots, and sharp.

The Push Pull 80-200 is NOT that good. I know a lad who bought one, as he liked my son;s 2 touch so much, but it's VERY soft around 200mm. I haven't tried it on the D700. It's always possible he's bought a lemon, as they are all well used, by now?

I have been advised by the guys I know that the AF-S is THE pick, but you will pay a LOT more for it. For a minimal difference in focus speed.

Me, I'm looking for a decent 80-200 ED 2 touch. And my wife to be looking the other way when I pay for it! I'll add in a 1.7TC to go with it, and that should do me, for now.

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