Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

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Re: Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

Most folks have not tried the Tamron, but will quote reviews and look at samples to draw a conclusion. My friend has the Tamron and I've tried it on my D800.

1) Optically they are VERY close. You really have to pixel peep to see differences. The Nikon did better at 24-50mm, but I preferred the Tamron's superior center sharpness at 70mm.

2) The Tamron feels HUGE!

3) They both feel professional, but the Tamron actually feels more sturdy.

4) The Tamron's VC system is FANTASTIC. People can yodel about how they don't want/need it. BS. There are plenty of situations that this features comes in handy and Nikon will eventually include it as  well.

5) The Tamron's value on the used market is less. Also: Expect greater sample variation from 3rd party. My friend had to return the 1st one because the left field was not in focus.

So....there are both or optics and you're unlikely to be unhappy with either.


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