Mini configuration for Lightroom

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Mini configuration for Lightroom

This is to describe the configuration that I'm planning for my 2012 Mini, and to get your comments. My current Mini is a 2009 dual core with a 2.0 processor. It was just adequate with LR3, but it's slower with LR4. For example, generating a JPEG from raw took about 7 seconds with LR3, but can take 14 seconds with LR4.

Initial purchase

2.3 i7; 1TB drive; 4GB RAM

I'd go with the 2.3 i7, because, at least on paper, the 2.6 will only be 13% faster. If tests show a bigger difference, I may change my mind.


  1. Upgrade with aftermarket RAM to 16GB.
  2. Install a 256GB Samsung 830. I already have the Samsung SSD, so it seems to be an obvious choice over the $300 Apple SSD, plus I'd still have the internal 1TB drive. 
    The advantage of the Fusion Drive is not clear to me. How complicated is deciding what should go on the SSD? The FD does include a write buffer. How much will that help? There should be performance test results available soon. 
    The Fusion Drive does have the advantage of not having to disassemble the Mini to install the SSD. However, I've installed drives in my 2009 Mini, and the 2012 looks no harder, and maybe easier.
    I plan to put the OS, apps, the LR catalog and previews, and the ACR cache on the SSD. That will leave a fair amount of room, in case I want to store other things there later.
  3. Partition the internal 1TB drive as follows: A ~750GB partition for my documents and music; a 256GB partition for a clone of the SSD. The clone partition would be the second partition so that it would be located on the slow part of the drive. Also, my stuff will take up a lot less than 750GB, so the first partition will not be close to full, at least initially.
    I plan to put my photos on an external USB 3.0 7200 RPM drive. Unless I split them up somehow, they take up too much room to put on the internal drive.
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