Why bother even giving a .5

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Re: Why bother even giving a .5

Well, I for one would be sad to see one correct and open-minded member depressed over what's been going on to the point of being ready to give up. And while it is true that myriads of other sources of photographic knowlege exist on the net, it would be more advantageous to remain active within your available time, and help other correct members make the Challenges what these should be: honest, fair, educative and fun.

So I'd suggest that you just shift your attitude toward Challenges a bit to the easy side, like voting in smaller Challenges but across the whole batch... Expecting less exactitude in such an open voting horizon... Watching all entries in the Challenges that you have entered and learning from the images that "made you say wow"... And also using, say, PM or mail to ask whatever you need to know from those that authored such works. It's a way, too.

Above all, and on top of your list of interests, try to retain curiosity and experimentation. You do not take pictures for nobody but yourself - and so just keep pleasing #1, regardless how many challenges there are. There will always be way too many of those, but the real challenge is to satisfy your feeling for quality.

Cheers (in a word)

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