Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: agree w/ others... Op is out of sync... (out of touch)

Oh man that sounds brutal....   my worst day was shooting furniture inside a  furnace of a warehouse in mid summer,   it was like a giant convection oven.  The agency  hired me but didn't tell me I'd be working in 110+...   I feel for you man,  at least I was able to wear shorts, I could not imagine trying to shoot a wedding and wear professional clothes or  maintain a dress code  in that kind of heat.   
I drank 6 bottles of water  in 3 hours..   never hit the head once... LOL

In my shoot, we used 6 Einsteins,  they never missed a heartbeat...  we did shut the modeling lights off though.    I am surprised it all kept working actually, it was ridiculous.

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