What is the verdict on the current state of X100 autofocus?

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Re: What is the verdict on the current state of X100 autofocus?

The X100 is a great camera with the newest FW. The AF is extremely accurate and quick for the majority of shooters. It won't shoot sports but other then that you should be fine.

As for how it stacks up to the X-Pro (FW 2.0) that is lens dependent.

- X-Pro/18mm - Substantially quicker in all shooting situations

- X-Pro/35mm - Noticeably quicker in failing light and slightly faster in normal situations

- X-Pro/60mm - Is about the same speed as the X100

In any case the x100 still is a unique camera and I love it for a few features that the X-Pro and most of the market is missing:

- Awesome leaf shutter! (super fast sync and virtually silent)
- built in ND filter (extremely useful)
- fantastic 35mm f2.0 (even when we get a 35mm on the X-Mount its supposed to be 1.4 and from the looks of pre-production models that puts it in the range of the 60mm in terms of size.

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