Why no focus issues with D5100 or D3100 compared with D7000

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Re: You can find..

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

There are a few other points, average D7k user might spot this..some might not. There are complaints about other Nikon models, but not as many as the D7000. That may or may not reflect the actual situation. Chances are some D7k D3100/5100 users might not even notice issues..some will

There there is the "tolerance" part where users can come to accept things..such as Mira here:


Basically saying what I have all along inconsistency in AF and suggests using live view. I just don't think the D7k is that good for AF after owning 2 of them. Some might accept it..I personally do not. I also noted some mirror vibrations at some shutter speeds causing some blur..which I did not on the D90 separate issues but it did show up for me.

I do hope we get beyond the stage of simply saying the AF is complicated, or just settings, users fault of blaming the lenses, pixel density, or limitations of phase detect AF. It's quite possible your idea of decent AF is a million miles away from mine. D7k is IMHO not that good for AF, and I'm not the first person to suggest that either


You must not have been reading Trenchmonkey's post at the Cafe. 6 D7000 bodies and over 200,000 clicks of sporting events. He's a pro and uses them hard.





These are just a few of his comments.


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