Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: A potential work-around

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Re: PCB images

OK, I took another apart this morning. First thing - the spring does NOT apparently affect focus. I took it out, put the lens back together and it focused fine. I suspect Friday, getting some pressure to do other things, I didn't get a flex put back tightly when I tried the same experiment.

There also is no apparent looseness in the lens without the spring and the images seemed sharp. So I'm at a loss there.

Second thing is I took some macro images of the front and back of the PCB.

For those who want to look at 100% (large file warning)

For orientation on the "Top" image, the upper right flex connection goes to the position sensor, the upper left to the motor, the others down into the lens (I think the left most to diaphragm, but I'm not certain I remember correctly and didn't have time for further disassembly today).

On the bottom view, the large flex connects to the lens surface electrical connections to the camera.

Hope this helps someone with more knowledge of electronics than I figure some of this out.

My only comment is that compared to most lenses, there are certainly more surface mount components on these PCBs.

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