Is Canon out of touch ?

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We wanted to send them all 4 - they said they were not used "in the manner they were designed for" - meaning with non-Canon external battery packs and rapid fire in High Speed Sync mode.
Apparently, HSS is to be used "part time"... although that is not anywhere in the manual.

The combination of HSS and Quantum external pack fried the IBGT circuits inside the 580 - although there is nothing the Quantum pack does that the cheap Canon ext pack does not do so not sure what was up there...

Basically the units were out of warranty and so they wanted $150 each + parts to repair them so we told them to go pound sand. Despite the failures, each unit only had a few hours max on it.

We sent them all to LPA, who gladly repaired them for $35, AND they fixed the shorting reflector issue which causes the failure in the first place, along with modifying the units so they don't emit all the RF causing pocket wizard radios to lose range.

In a nutshell, the 580EX II was a mess, it had RF issues, shorting reflectors and a weak IBGT circuit. Unless you were using it in a specific way (HSS + ext pack shooting sports, for instance) you may never have an issue with it. There were however, many, many threads on POTN, Flickr, and other forums about this.

After we lost one in the middle of a high profile wedding shoot, and then our backup failed too - embarrassing the hell out of us - that was it for us with Speedlights, we switched to Quantum the next week and have not looked back since. We've not had even one issue with Quantum lights, and its been over a year.

We own a few SB-900's, we have then around for light duty use for fill light in hard to reach places when we need it... they see no heavy duty cycles as we are well aware they have overheating / shutdown issues as well.

We were give two new 600s to try out this past weekend, actually they seem pretty good, we hammered away with HSS and our Quantum packs and they kept up nicely... Maybe Canon fixed the issues and beefed up the IBGT in them, not sure. Time will tell. They are just about as expensive as the Quantums though.... although prices are already coming down fast.

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