5D Mark III vs 7D - Effective Resolution When Cropping and Noise Reduction Applied

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Re: 5D Mark III vs 7D - Effective Resolution When Cropping and Noise Reduction Applied

Timbukto wrote:

I didn't find the noise to be that terrible to justify the aggressive NR (I almost never use that much NR period), plus you shouldn't really equalize it based on trying to even out noise performance...what you really should be doing is tuning the 7D image to taste to be as best as you think it could be with its noise and subject detail, not trying to match the 5DMKIII in its lack of noise + lesser subject detail due to crop.

Yes, one could not use as much NR on the 7D image, but since the results when trying to match the 5D3 images were worse than the 5D3 images, I could recover the 5D3's level of detail only at the expense of adding noise. Subjectively you may not mind that level of noise, which is fine, but I do.

Subjectively even though the 7D was noisy, it also clearly had the better subject detail. In addition once you are talking about needing the significant amount of NR that you are applying, there seems to be better NR algorithms you can try to lessen the noise without killing detail as much.

I agree that the Lightroom algorithm is not quite as good as others (in particular Topaz) but it's not that bad. I found the stand-alone software for Topaz to be too clunky in my workflow (JPEG only, stripping out EXIF data, etc.) but that's a whole other issue.

Seems to me you really want to come up with a test to have you rationalize going down to one system.

Of course I would like to be able to go down to one system, which is perfectly rational from a financial point of view. Regardless of that desire, only a scientific test can determine objectively whether or not that is possible. Within the well-outlined parameters of the test I performed, I think the results are persuasive, but of course it is just one test.

While I am an avid bird photographer, I'm not a one-trick-pony and also enjoy street photography, landscape, portraiture, etc. The motivation for buying the 5D3 was primarily to take advantage of its low-light capabilities. Conservatively I can say that it buys me 2 stops over the 7D which is an enormous advantage in numerous situations.

With respect to bird photography, while I have analyzed noise here, color is another issue. The 7D color performance is fine up to ISO 800 and begins to fall apart badly at ISO 1600. With the 5D3 I feel comfortable pushing to 3200 which gives me more shutter speed, which results in sharper images as well.

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