Chasing Ice

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Re: Chasing Ice

The used 25 different cameras?  And not one of them a simple "rugged" or "tough" model designed for the cold, dunkings, or drops?

One guy hurt his leg.  Hopefully, that was the worst human casualty.  It looks like they took some awful risks standing hear crevasses and ledges.  How many cameras perished?

The cinematography may be excellent, but I suspect that "Touching the Void" outranks it in that and other aspects too.  The dramatizations may be a bit too staged for the sake of vertigo.  Republicans skeptical about global warming may alleged that the story is a complete hoax!

Will the theater versions be 4k or 8k?  This might be a case where ultra definition makes a difference, at least in the eyes of people not jaded by the warming controversy.  Doubters will opt for a comedy or a romance thriller.  Canadians may prefer something less reminiscent of their front yards.

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