Why no focus issues with D5100 or D3100 compared with D7000

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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

dirtdiver82 wrote:


Basically saying what I have all along inconsistency in AF and suggests using live view. I just don't think the D7k is that good for AF after owning 2 of them. Some might accept it..I personally do not. I also noted some mirror vibrations at some shutter speeds causing some blur..which I did not on the D90 separate issues but it did show up for me.

I do hope we get beyond the stage of simply saying the AF is complicated, or just settings, users fault of blaming the lenses, pixel density, or limitations of phase detect AF. It's quite possible your idea of decent AF is a million miles away from mine. D7k is IMHO not that good for AF, and I'm not the first person to suggest that either

Totally agreed.

Same here, I also went from the D90 to the D7000 and using the same lens, no matter how I tried ( single AF point, holding my breath ) many of my pics have a little of motion blur quite evident at 100% while the D90 used to have none.

Not to mention that tracking fast moving objects under certain circumstances remained also problematic with the D7000.

Sadly my D7000 has been stoled so I'm thinking on buying a D5100 to keep the same sensor performance until the eventual D7100/D400 shows up, but I'm not considering another D7000.

The D7K feels more responsive than the D90, has better viewfinder, better video, more features, but AFwise, it disappoints me too specially given the 1300€ I paid for it.

Thanks you it suggests I am not alone in my findings.

I agree about the D7k being more responsive, better video, nicer VF believe me it is a great body overall I really wanted to love it. But the AF issues were just to big to ignore..the motion blur is quite subtle at times, but I think something changed with the mechanism to cause this, it's not something I have seen for hand held shots with many DSLR's but I did see it on some recently with the D7k. I hope Nikon do bring a D7100 out minus AF and other problems.

IMO for the money bargain deal or not the D7000 can't cut it AF wise and overall I can't recommend the body. I can see why it sells well and is so popular..right now for it's price it is the best camera on paper by a good margin. Shame that doesn't come through in real world use.

So you are still looking forward to another Nikon camera? Why with all these choices of camera brands among us? After your episodes with the D90 (3 bodies in a row), and then D7000 (2 bodies in a row) what can possibly change to make the next camera better for you? The odds here are indeed low to be honest with you. It is better just to move to canon or sony or pentax or olympus or samsung etc. That will then give us time to help each other with getting the best out of Nikon Focussing system and better able to identify genuine complaints of faulty products from general unwillingness to master focussing system

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