Trip to Carmel (Beginner seeking advice)

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Trip to Carmel (Beginner seeking advice)


great job!


on Claude's version you can see how using the rule of thirds easily makes an improvement in the composition. In your original picture the subject is in the middle, Claude pushed it to the left making it more pleasing to the eye. Also his colors and contrast are really nice, not overprocessed but intensive, rich.

On your second image you cropped your father's leg, usually they say it's not a very good idea to crop a limb (same happened to all of you in the 4th image) especially not at a joint (like here at the ankle) - of course you can crop a human body, but do that with a purpose to emphasize a part of the body, not "accidentally" (i assume here your intention wasn't to emphasize the rest 95% of his body

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