Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

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Not sure what these people are doing but

I have never had issues. I wonder what they are doing. I have about 6 computers in the house several work others, for play/gaming/photography.

Just bought a 3tb segate drive. No issues.  I did recently return a WD drive because it did not play nice with my WD TV Live (funny, you would think they would have tested it) but it worked perfectly for my computers, but I returned it anyway to buy the segate. It was an external. Thing is about these external drives, if you have an issue with the connectors, take it appart and make it an internal drive to recover the data. I have never had a drive fail in a few weeks. The seagate exteral 3tb drive had a 2 year warranty.

The only real way to have truly reliable backups is to backup to muliple external drives or a combination of internal drive external drive and say cloud or network storage or Blu Ray disks.

kseidman wrote:

I use both Windows 7 Backup and Filesync to several different external drives, all of which are now becoming full. So, I'm in the market for a couple of new 2TB external drives... and I'm not happy with the user reports I've been reading for any of these external drives. Seems like regardless of brand there are always numerous buyer reports (e.g. on Amazon, Egghead, etc.) about drives that fail with a few weeks, or dead on arrival, or have flimsy connectors that fail, or sector sizes that are incompatible with Window 7 backup, or poor warranty support, or... you get the point. A few years ago I bought a couple of external Seagate drives (500 GB FreeAgent that died within a month). I thought about buying internal drives and an enclosure, but for some reason it seems bare internal drives cost more than the externals, and again there are plenty of complaints about reliability.

I want a reliable backup system to expand what I currently have... any suggestions?


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