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Re: Has readership gone down since new deign?

Willgo wrote:

I find the random pictures and text boxes that pop up depending on where my mouse happens to hover very distracting and off putting.

I prefer sites that don't have all this sort of movement distracting from the message or article that I am trying to read.

As a result I am visiting less often. I'm probably just too old for this sort of lark

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I concur 100% that the random pictures and text box pop ups for advertising are very annoying to say the least and maddening to have to deal with constantly as takes you away from what you want to see.

I too have noticed a decided drop off in the number of posts and general quality of posts on DPR but that started well before adoption of the new format.  In my opinion it was caused more by the flood of fanyboy and troll posts of a particular brand which turned off many readers or contributors.  I also think the ignore provision is self defeating as some use to hear only those who agree with them and contributors sometime get the impression that few are seeing their posts so why bother trying to contribute in the first place.

As for color the blue background is a step backward as is much harder to read.  I do like the fact that when putting in a comment you no longer have to start with some dashes.

Just my two bits.

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