Canon 100-400 or 300 f/4 IS???

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Re: Canon 100-400 or 300 f/4 IS???

I have both, and for about the same money I would go with the 400 F5.6L. I think you will find that you never use the short end of the zoom anyway and the 400 F 5.6L is sharper and has faster AF.

I also have the Sigma 50-500 (Bigma) and it is almost as sharp as the prime and the colors are great. It needed a -1 MFA on it though. At first I thought it wasn't sharp.

After MFA, I feel like it is a tad sharper than my 100-400, but not quite as sharp as either prime (300 or 400). It might be a similar case with your Sigma lens if you haven't calibrated them yet.

Having explained the above it might be noted that my Bigma is on the camera more than the rest for the little extra reach. Next is the 400 prime. When Canon releases the firmware for the 5DIII (April) that allows it to focus F 8.0, then my 400 with a TC will have more reach on the 5DIII. I'll probably use it that way and keep the Bigma on the 7D. The 300 F 4.0 with the 2X TC would go to 600 on a 5DIII if that is what you are using.

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