Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: My memory tells a different story...

bobn2 wrote:

Jaims wrote:

The 5D3 is what a lot of people asked for in this forum and then some: a 5D2 with a worthy AF system, at least as good as the 7D's. And I for one wanted this 5D3. And not a lot of ppl were asking for 36+ megs, at least not until the last Nikon entered the game.

My memory is that a lot of people were expecting and asking for more MP, and it was a big surprise when Canon didn't do it. What happened is Nikon made the 5DIII that people here wanted, while Canon made a D700 Mk II. Hence the sudden reversal in perceptions.

I can only recall ppl asking for better AF system, and some other improvements (high ISO à la D3...), but not more megapixels. Maybe there were people asking for more megs but as I was on the 'better AF' side didn't pay enough attention to these... hard to say.

What has clearly happened though is that the D800 has more megapixels (which many, me included, do not need) and better DR (which of course would be welcome), and many Canon users have become angry because they feel Canon has lost leadership. And now they want both the megs and the DR. The fact the 5D3 was more expensive didn't help either.

In my humble opinion.


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