The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

I just checked mine, there is a scratch indeed. This is a Hong Kong D600, S/N 800xxxx.

Also I've noticed some strange marks on my mirror, a bit like an inverted "e". I have no idea if it was there when I first got the camera, or otherwise what caused it. Also I noticed a large smudge on the edge of the mirror on the far right. I've been very careful not to ever touch the mirror, so I'm wondering as well what may have caused that. Both marks on the mirror are visible through the viewfinder.

Scratch below the mirror, plus a strange pattern of marks on the mirror, and a smudge on the far right of the mirror.

Also I'm unhappy to report that the sensor dust issue does not seem to subside after a "breaking in" the camera. I'm now at 4.5k clicks and there is still as much dust. The image below is after I came back from a trip where I took almost 1000 pictures. I cleaned the sensor with a blower and brush before the trip and the sensor was free of any dust. I did not have my brush during the trip but I did blow off dust a few times during the trip (the bigger spots however did not go away with blowing). The picture below is f/29 converted to black and white with levels set to increase the visibility of the dust spots, however I took a lot of landscape pictures at f/8-11 where the bigger spots show up clearly against the sky. I've even seen the spots appear on some pictures at f/5.6. Also, this is definitely dust and not oil, as a brush has always been sufficient to remove all the spots.

So it looks like my camera is going to need a trip to Nikon service at some stage. I'd just like them to figure out what they need to do to fix that problem before I give them my camera.

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