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Re: 1500-1700$ Photo editing / architecture PC

Richard wrote:

Zlik wrote:

- I was thinking of putting the two 3TB HDD's in RAID1 for reliability (backup in real time). I will still back my data up every week on an external drive as well.
- is RAID1 a good idea for data reliability (=backup in real time) ? Is it easy to set up with this mother board?
- would it be worth it to add another small SSD (64GB) to use for scratch/temp/etc ?
Thank you in advance.

Raid 1 is not a backup. What it was intended to do be redundant hardware. So if one drive failed, you could use the other and lower the amount of downtime due to hardware failure. What it does not do is backup. If you have a power failure and the computer was writing to do the disk it will only corrupt both disks at the same time. You may be able to run tools on either disk to try to fix the corruption, but it is not a backup.

A backup would be taking the data off of your raid 1 and backing it up to a external drive.

Raid 0 is better than nothing but just realize is is not designed to be a backup of your data.

I think you have a good system if you go back and read, you can find that a lot of ram is always good, an ssd for a scratch drive.

Thank you for your reply.

I know that Raid1 is not a backup. I was thinking of using Raid1 as a safety net for hardware failures (the most common problem with HDDs). I will still be backing up my data regularly on 2 external drives.

So the question to Raid1 experts: when one of the drives fails, is it easy to replace it and rebuild ? How often does this problem f* up? Does anybody have any statistics on that subject ? (like for example, "in 83% of cases, a failed hard drive could be replaced and rebuilt succesfully" ?)

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