Anyone with a 24-70 which cannot be tuned? Or managed to get one fixed?

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Re: Anyone with a 24-70 which cannot be tuned? Or managed to get one fixed?

Having shot Canon for many years before switching to Nikon, I can say the two companies are very different when it comes to service.

Canon seems to be more consistent on repairs and service.  Canon tends to get it right the first time.  My personal experience supports that.  Any body or lens came back 100%, no new problem as a result of a repair, and always in pristine condition.

With Nikon, more than one trip to the service center seems all too common, and all too common it seems that the service that fixed one problem ends up causing another.  Seems that there is little QC post-repair to make sure nothing else was effected by the service.  Also seems all too common for repaired items to come back with grease or oil spots, dirty sensors, etc.

I have had 1 lens serviced, and my D800 serviced twice.  I can say that my lens came back fixed and clean, but it needs to go back at some point because a seal on the front is flapping about.  My D800 has come back clean both times it went in. The first time fixed the left AF defect, but with a hugh front focus.  The second time seems to have corrected both issues.  More testing needed to be 100%.

Clearly Nikon has done what many companies are doing these days to cut corners: shifting QC from  manufacturing to the consumer.  The problem is they have to put some of that savings into upgrading the service centers so they can handle more work.

Used to be that with Canon you paid a little less, but bad copies were common.  But Canon service was geared up and able to fix things right the first time.  Nikon cost a bit more, but bad copies were rare.  That left their service centers more like those old Maytag commercials: they had no work to do because the product was made so well.  Now those same technicians need to perform work they never had to do before.  Nikon needs to upgrade training and skills, tools and resources, and establish better service protocols so that products are checked completely before being returned, etc.  They also need to build in to that protocol a more practical replacement process for when repairs are not effective.

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